Cheapest AT&T or T-Mobile MVNO in USA for GTA02 GPRS ?

Pascal Gosselin pascal at
Thu Feb 27 00:50:15 CET 2014

I am using this list as my reference to find GPRS MVNOs.  I know 
T-Mobile still does GPRS, I am less certain about AT&T (I assume yes as 
well).      is tempting at $15 for 1GB monthly

BUT the Uppwireless says "Mobile Internet service provided by Red Pocket 
Mobile", which is listed as an MVNO working with both AT&T and Sprint.  
Sprint = CDMA.

$15 a month for 1GB on AT&T would be great for our application 
(, for uploading only data (the voice portion 
of our product would upload over Wi-Fi or perhaps over Voice GSM).


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