[qtmoko] customizing aux/power button or adding button to home screen

Neil Jerram neil at ossau.homelinux.net
Mon Mar 3 09:13:09 CET 2014

robin <spielraum at web.de> writes:

> Hi,
> I would like to be able to access some programs in qtmoko faster, so my
> question is: Is there either a way to 
>   to run an app directly when you press the aux button
> and if so, how can I distinguish the length of a press (I know that the
> old android version did start three different processes depending on the
> length of time you pressed the power button (very short, ~2sec, ~4secs).

I'm afraid I can't remember this, even though I know I have looked at it
in the past.  I think QtMoko just supports two press durations: short
and long.

> and if this is all not possible, could someone point me to where I should
> start reading to be able to change/extend the homescreen, to add any icon 
> with a call of that application I want to run.

I've attached two patches that maybe will give a small clue here.

> and even more advanced is there any chance of bind the this process somehow
> to a single icon:
> -> Application -> QX -> Select Navit -> Click upArrow in Menu -> Click Launch

Sorry, no idea - although this is certainly something I've wanted to.


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