Open Source AHRS project: giving away hardware

Pascal Gosselin pascal at
Sat May 10 17:57:30 CEST 2014


With the idea of spurring interest in the development of a software 
Attitude Heading Reference System for the GTA02, I am going to be giving 
away twelve (12) Golden Delicious NavBoard V2s to developers that are 
willing to work on this idea.

I have been frustrated by lack of an available AHRS for Linux-based 
systems for many years now.  The closest thing available is the FoxAHRS:

I believe it runs on the ARM-based G20 board:

I might be wrong.... but anyway the idea is to get a working 100% open 
source AHRS than can run on the GTA02 and GTA04.  Ideally it should be 
entirely self-calibrating (i.e. figure out what's level and calibrate 
the compass via GPS track by an easy calibration or self-calibration 

This is what the boards look like:

It has a 3D ITG-3200 Rate Gyro, the HMC 5843 magnetometer and BMP 085 
barometric sensor.  It's a board you must solder internally to the GTA02.

Anyone that actually ends up contributing to this project will also be 
given a Navboard V3, which has a better magnetometer, to make sure it 
works that one as well (I paid good money for the V3 boards so I don't 
want to give them away to people who may not ever end up installing them).

If anyone that is a serious contributor needs some help, I would be more 
than willing to help out with stuff like free brand new GTA 02s (850Mhz 
or 900Mhz, I have both brand new in stock) , new batteries.   Serious 
hackers don't need to worry about damaging their GTA02, I will provide 
replacement units to anyone who does and is serious about this project.

I also have a early GTA04 fully assembled with new case/screen/battery 
to give away to a serious contributor who would be willing to ensure 
that the AHRS code would run properly on this platform as well.

You may reply to me privately or via this list.

Pascal Gosselin
pascal at

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