[QtMoko] GSM not turning on / registering

joerg Reisenweber joerg at openmoko.org
Mon May 19 14:39:50 CEST 2014

Please consider that - it seems / I heard - several 850/900 and 1800/1900 
cells are getting reassigned in USA from GSM to UMTS or even LTE during last 
year. Ongoing.

good luck!

On Mon 19 May 2014 08:27:15 Nick wrote:
> Quoth Michael Spacefalcon:
> > Nick <openmoko-community at njw.me.uk> wrote:
> > > The phone that works is 3G, and it doesn't seem to have a 'force 2G'
> > > option anywhere.
> > 
> > The option in question often goes by different names: it may also be
> > named "network type" or "network selection" etc, with the choices
> > being GSM or WCDMA or both.  Try selecting GSM if you can find the
> > elusive option.
> Hmm, I didn't see anything like that even, but I'll take another
> look tonight.
> > > I'm in the Greater Boston area,
> > 
> > Ahh - I didn't realize you were still here in the States - I remember
> > you asking on this list a few months ago about GSM frequency bands in
> > USA, with the intention of traveling to Boston area, but it was back
> > in February, so I thought the trip was over and you were back home in
> > the UK.
> Yeah, I'm here for 6 months. It's a good place :)
> > How long ago have you arrived in Boston?  Is the FR-not-working
> > problem something that happened upon arrival in USA, or has it been
> > working for you for a while in this part of the world?
> No, it has worked fine (well, in fact) for the past couple of
> months, so it definitely *can* work here.
> > Ahh, so you decided to be adventurous and use AT&T instead of the more
> > tried & tested T-Mobile.  Before we spend an inordinate amount of
> > effort figuring out why your FR doesn't work on AT&T in Boston,
> > perhaps you could try a T-Mobile SIM card just as a quick test?  If
> > you don't have one, just go into any T-Mobile store and ask them to
> > borrow a SIM for a few minutes to test in your phone while inside
> > their store.
> I may end up doing that, but there isn't a T-Mobile store very
> conveniently located for me, so I'll at least try some fun logging
> of AT commands first.
> > Also if there is any chance you might visit California before you go
> > back to the UK, we could meet up and do some GSM hacking together. :)
> Aah, that would be nice, but no, I don't think I'm going to get to
> the west coast this trip. It sounds like something well worth doing,
> and someday I'll make it there. I'll let you know if my plans change
> and I end up in California. Similarly, let me know if you come to
> Boston. :)
> > > Basically because I just want a dumbphone that works, really, so
> > > tend towards laziness regarding my phone nowadays.
> > 
> > If you are using your FR as an oversized dumbphone, have you considered
> > using a real dumbphone instead?  You might want to grab a Mot C139 on
> > ebay while they are still available - it is one of the models which I
> > am using for FreeCalypso firmware bring-up (along with the Neo FR and
> > Pirelli DP-L10) before building my own dumbphone hardware, and it has
> > the advantage of being a very simple dumbphone with full schematics
> > available (unlike the Pirelli).
> Hmm... I'll consider it...
> Thanks, and expect some nice AT output later.
> Nick
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