[QtMoko] GSM not turning on / registering

Nick openmoko-community at njw.me.uk
Tue May 20 04:58:05 CEST 2014

Alright, I'll go to a T-Mobile shop (or reseller) in the next few 
days to get a test SIM.

In the meantime, I tried running the AT commands with socat, but 
didn't get very far. Maybe I'm using socat incorrectly - I haven't 
done it before, so forgive my ignorance. Following is the transcript 
from my console session (done over ssh from my laptop):

root at neo:~# socat - file:/dev/ttySAC0,crtscts,crnl
+CREG: 3
%CSQ:  18, 99, 2
+CIEV: 1, 3
%CSQ:  15, 99, 1
+CIEV: 1, 2

The commands 'AT+COPS=?', 'ATE1', 'AT+CFUN=1', 'AT+CGMI' were 
entered by me. I'm guessing I should have seen at least a 'OK' or 
'ERROR' message, so maybe I'm using socat incorrectly?

I don't have a 3G USB modem, unfortunately.

I'm pretty surprised that the carriers are decommissioning 2G in the 
USA. Crazy bastards.

Thanks for your continued help.


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