WTB GTA02 board w/o case or display

Spacefalcon the Outlaw falcon at ivan.Harhan.ORG
Sat Jan 31 00:35:36 CET 2015

Hello Om community,

I already have one complete GTA02, and I use it for development, but
now I have a need for one or more bare GTA02 boards - as in no case or
display.  (My single complete GTA02 is far too precious to mess with
it in that manner.)

Would anyone happen to have such a bare GTA02 board, with no case and
no display, which they would be willing to sell?  Oh, and it does not
have to be working - I will gladly buy a dead one too.  In fact,
ideally I would like to buy two boards, one working and one dead, but
I would be happy with just one of either kind to start with.

Why do I want a dead board?  I would like to recover the PCB layout of
the modem section (images of both outer and inner copper layers), like
someone else did with another phone:


But it's a destructive process, and my personal moral code prohibits
the destruction of a working GTA02 board, hence I need a dead one for
that purpose.

Any offers?


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