gta02 as gps/navigator (in 2016)

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Mon Jan 25 20:30:40 UTC 2016


>I would like to reuse the gta02 as a gps, I really loved foxtrotGPS and I
>would like to have something like that running.
>Any chance to have a distribution that still works on gta02?

>qtmoko: still there? (even if I remember it was quite uncomfortable running

still there, but i think it's fair to say it's abandoned. The last versions were as good as it got on the freerunner IMO, but the main (pretty much single) developer got fed up with not having a decent kernel even after x years.

>shr: abandoned ?

the later versions were hopelessly broken and unusable on the freerunner.

>hackable1: disappeared (I have good memories of that one ;) )
yeah probably; anyway I'd definitely recommend qtmoko as the best bet

David Matthews
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