Testing Report: 2008.11.28

sushama sushama at openmoko.com
Fri Nov 28 11:30:21 CET 2008

Hi All,

With regards to  Om2008.11 release, we have bad news- we can't make it in the 
end of November. But the good news is Om2008.testing image finally can go to 
full test and also with some bug fixes.

Summarising the Om 2008.testing image problems so far-28th Nov 2008.

- When at least 2 applications are open in illume and we select the dialer and 
click contacts from dialer -the screen doesn't show up fully(may be i can show 
this to you if not clear)-Raised this as defect #2142

- Neo froze on different screens on one of the phone I was working on(has not 
happened until now on the other phones I have)-Will keep a check on this in 
case it happens with more phones. 

- The system boot time is little more than 1 min  but it takes another 40 secs 
for the signal to come up-Engineers are still working on this issue and hope 
to get to it soon.

We still have some new bugs opened this week and quiet a few bugs from 
Om2008.11 list closed.

Bugs opened
#2141   [Installer] the bottom item of the package list can't easy to get when 
it's hiding after transparent bar 
#2144   [location]unable to see the last item in list after scrolling to the 
#2142   [qtopia]Contacts from dialer is displayed in small screen when many  
applications open

Bugs closed
#1610  it can save as same name(duplicate), same number and same group name as 
#1766   [GSM Signal] no signal, can't make phone call but can receive calls 
#1979   [Location] Deleted Tags will appear in the tag list.(specific phone) 
#2003   [Setting] Please take out suspend time "10 sec." 
#2031   Scroll list implementation 
#2113   [Suspend/resume] suspend time come up right after you change the time

Another thing we're working on is fixing the WSOD (white screen of death), 
developers are working very hard to kill this tough bug and I think we'll have 
good news soon.

Sorry for the om2008.11, but in the coming weeks we will have more of the 
gta02 major bugs fixed which has been bothering us for quiet sometime now and 
then will have a stable image release.

If anything  more comes up will keep you posted:)



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