[Testing Report : 2008.10.17]

Wendy wendy_hung at openmoko.com
Fri Oct 17 12:09:28 CEST 2008


it's the testing report time again!

This week we did some base image test, but unfortunately we happen with a 
serious problem : https://docs.openmoko.org/trac/ticket/2071
Which is when you update/upgrade the new opkg image will happen with 
enlightment error than distroy your device- once you reboot will freeze on 
booting screen- therefor we can't test after Wednesday. 
So basicly we keep doing the test cases and test plan after that.

But we still verify some problems that did not happen at this moment:
1) The illume bar's moving is unsmooth and slow.
2) INSTALLER show up twice at bottom bar in home screen.
3) Installer "Application run error" message will come out during/after 
reflash or +Update all
4) In installer application the speed of open package sometime is super slow
5) In installer "+Update all " spend too much time and fail from time to time, 
and the system time out came too slow (20~30mins)

New bugs that reported:
#2069: [Installer] it has network but still show up error message ask for 
check network
#2070: [Distro] ld.so.cache goes missing after package upgrades
#2071: Booting failed, stop at wifi driver

#1506: sometimes keyboard does not appear  when create new message

We will keep working on that and try to verify more problems once the kernel 
problem solve!

Due to the engineer's new tasks, later on testing team will also adjust our 
work flow to make the hole process become more smooth.

If you have any question or suggestion, please please let us know, every 
worlds helps!


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