[Testing Report : 2008.10.31]

Wendy wendy_hung at openmoko.com
Fri Oct 31 11:42:34 CET 2008


good news form this week is finally we have those icons back in home screen by 
using testing image, but bad news is it came out with other problems....

As you know, engineers are approaching oe.dev and e-illume is having a 
big change, that cost some side effects like:
 - List in Setting can not scroll [https://docs.openmoko.org/trac/ticket/2097]
 - Can't close installer & Locations once it opened 
 - Need to reboot twice after you flash new image 

For more exact bug report, the testing team will verify bugs with two more 
updates. Which means once we find out a bug we'll double check with two more 
images, in case report one bug today but tomorrow it disappear automaticly.

Known problems(bugs) as below, collecting period: 2008.Oct.28~2008.Oct.31.
Flashed with 2008.Oct.28's testing image, update again at 2008.Oct.29. 
All of these are _not_ report into trac yet.

* audio quality
 - Device.1: volume is good, but have a lot of noises
 - Device 2: volume is ok, a lot of noises
 - Device 3: volume is very small, but no noises

* Dialer / call functionality
 - Black screen after disconnected call  (Device should be woke up from black 
screen after disconnected call if it were in black screen during calling)
 - No connecting sounds when outgoing call
 - The Signal strength is lowest but still possible to outgoing and incoming 
 - Taiwan mobile company's SIM card in our phone (A7 or A5), first boot can't  
get signal and second boot need more than 10 mins to get signal.
 - Device 1:  After X hour usage, the device can't answer the phone, can't 
send busy and can't call out. (Change SIM card, reboot, everything is fine)

* Suspend / resume
 - If you do set up suspend, after finished change the Clock time, press"back" 
will bring up suspend right away.
 - Go suspend automaticly, can't wake up. But wait for a while (more than 10 
mins) can resume......
 - During suspend, the device wakes up automatically very often 
 - Only power button suspend can bring up alarm (no matter if you set suspend 
time or not). 
 - (due to upper one) Alarm won't wake up if suspend time set too short (like 
 - Press power button shows booting screen for a while and bring up frozen 
device (but we did not put it into fridge :P).

Special thanks for engineer's detail technical support.
Don't forget to tell us if you have any question or suggestion. :)

Have a nice weekend,

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