Alarm clock

Antonio MUñoz chico480 at
Mon Sep 1 12:30:15 CEST 2008

Hello people, thanks a lot for all your work. I have developed an small  alarm clock application, maybe you could find this application insteresting, is able to to set, cancel, sound the alarm, snooze function and wake up the device from suspend. This simple alarm clock use RTC and ioctl to program the alarm, it has two modules alarm and ring that have to be installed.

To stop the alarm you have to press the clock that appear at the screen.

I still have some problems in the develop, using dev/rtc, like the access to turning on and cancel the alarm, and with evas because of this I use 2 modules. Anyway I'm working on it, I will be glad to receive any idea o suggestions. During this day I will add the source code (I'm now commenting it), and an small documentation about this small project. 
Thanks a lot. 

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