Obtaining kernel source (used to be : Re: Openmoko Bug #1841: white screen of death (WSOD) after resume)

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at gmail.com
Tue Sep 2 09:51:15 CEST 2008

2008/8/31 Visti Andresen <talpa at talpa.dk>:
> git clone git://git.openmoko.org/git/kernel.git linux-2.6
> cd linux-2.6
> git checkout origin/andy
> At least it yields a kernel source with a "defconfig-gta01" (and
> defconfig-gta02).

Any idea how to actually compile the kernel so it works as a drop in
replacement for the current one in the repositories? At least for me
if I compile the kernel using defconfig-gta02 configuration and flash
the resulting image using dfu-util, I don't get any battery
information and other power management stuff is more or less
problematic as well. Or are the problems there because the modules
aren't built/installed, and there is no information how to do an
actual "whole kernel change" anywhere (ie. built the module ipkg
packages I guess and install those, too, to overwrite the older ones)?

I'd like to use andy's kernel since it has the glamo boost patches
which really make for some perfomrance difference, but I cannot
because of the other problems self-compiled kernel introduces.

Regarding the glamo patches, could they simply be put to the stable
kernel if it's been running stable for everyone?


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