AUX/Power Button are malfunctioning on 2008.9 + updates from testing

Yaroslav Halchenko at
Tue Sep 2 17:01:35 CEST 2008

YOU RULE! Thanks for support

> sorry i didn't try this before i post.  i think julian just fixed this today,
> you can wait for the testing repo update or
> modify the /etc/X11/Xserver file to:

> "GTA01" | "GTA02")
>     ARGS="$ARGS -dpi 285 -screen 480x640 -hide-cursor -br" ;;

> tell me if it works   ;)
that did it!!! now I get Lock on AUX and suspend on power button

thanks also to Gregory
who did that patch:
    [xserver-kdrive-common] remove splash and vt1 from args
		    This allows keypresses to be received by the xserver

no way I could figure out this part on my own I guess ;-)

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