Openmoko Bug #1846: hidd missing from "testing" feed

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Tue Sep 2 20:52:51 CEST 2008

#1846: hidd missing from "testing" feed
    Reporter:  Mercury  |        Owner:  openmoko-devel
        Type:  defect   |       Status:  new           
    Priority:  normal   |    Milestone:                
   Component:  unknown  |      Version:                
    Severity:  normal   |   Resolution:                
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Comment(by Mercury):

 See ticket #1796  My problem is fixed.  X wasn't picking up the keyboard
 because of the command line parameters.

 My problem with the console remains.  Even though every key works in X, if
 I go to the console I only see some keys and not others.  Even so, I think
 it may be better for me to submit that as a new ticket following the new
 ticket submission guidelines.

 I suggest, to someone with the ability, that you please close this ticket
 as WONTFIX (because there's no need to include hidd in the distribution if
 you're using a newer bluez, because there's a new interface that's
 available and I can verify that it works with my keyboard.)

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