New splash screen image

Werner Almesberger werner at
Thu Sep 4 00:10:21 CEST 2008

Hi Graeme, Julian,

in Om2008.9, the boot screen will get a little face lift as well.

The plan is to just provide the new image and let people DFU it
along with the rest. In case they don't like it, they can keep
whatever is there already.

For reference, the image is here:

For DFU, we need to convert it into a framebuffer image. I've
described the conversion process here:

And I put a copy of the converted image here:
md5sum a8590fd63b50ce800b74657ca4d3d5f1
sha1sum 911b8ef1e51e8c46b2143ff2ea2c329240a4fba2

Graeme, Julian, could you please put this Om2008.9.splash.gz
file along with the other Om2008.9 images, i.e., kernel, rootfs,
etc. ?

Will, I don't know who's writing the release notes and install
instructions for Om2008.9. Can you please tell them to include
the following instructions:

# download
# (assuming that's where it will be)

dfu-util -a splash -D Om2008.9.splash.gz

Note: this is the basic invocation of dfu-util. If you use more
options with dfu-util than just -a and -D, e.g., -d, they would
apply as well.

When we have a draft for the install instructions and you want
me to review that part for concistency, please let me know.

- Werner

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