Smooth transition from exquisite to X11

Mike (mwester) mwester at
Thu Sep 4 03:04:12 CEST 2008

Werner Almesberger wrote:
> The problem: when we start, we go through a fairly long sequence of
> different screens:
> 1) initial darkness while u-boot is gathering its powers
> 2) the boot splash screen
> 3) a bit of kernel text console
> 4) the boots with progress bar (exquisite)
> 5) some more kernel text console
> 6) the boots with the green thingy bouncing left and right
>    (enlightenment initialization, under X11)
> 7) finally the GUI
> It's 5) that Will doesn't like.

Some day, one day, it'll be good to have the boot stuff go to a snazzy
graphic that just becomes the phone, just like all the other common old
phones on the market right now.

But I think that perhaps the most efficient use of time would be to fix
some of what you describe so aptly as the "rotting fish in the pond" :)

So why not just turn off 4)?  We're all geeks here, we all know what a
booting kernel console looks like (the non-geeks have all long ago put
the FR in a desk drawer somewhere).

(The pretty little pictures annoy me intensely; it's infuriating to
think that somebody somewhere is wasting valuable time playing with
graphics for a phone that can't reliably make phone calls yet!)

Mike (mwester)

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