Testing repository and Openmoko-base-image

Holger Freyther zecke at openmoko.org
Mon Sep 8 03:16:06 CEST 2008

On Monday 08 September 2008 00:55:04 Rod Whitby wrote:

> > Yes, this is the configuration that generates the Om2008.8 updates, will
> > likely be tagged as Om2008.9 and that our QA team is testing.
> Thanks for confirming the configuration.  I will make MokoMakefile
> default to this configuration.
> Is there a plan for an upgrade path from org.openmoko.asu.stable to
> org.openmoko.dev (or something branched off of it)?

Well, it shall be supported. John filed a ticket to verify that everything in 
org.openmoko.dev is > than org.openmoko.asu.stable. And we have some other 
dirt to clean...Packages that are only in org.openmoko.asu.stable but not in 
org.openmoko.dev or the other way around (see the mplayer bug).

This probably means that Om2008.9++ (10?) will be using org.openmoko.dev (or a 
branch of that) and we will have to fix the above.


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