FSO and keyboard plugins?

Visti Andresen talpa at talpa.dk
Tue Sep 9 17:03:29 CEST 2008

What I would like to propose is, that the FSO keyboard system should
be(is?) modular.

It should be possible to have many different input methods that
coexists, as different use cases may favour different keyboards.
(Unlike the 2007.2 matchbox keyboard that assumes that it is the only
keyboard app (it can be killed to allow the usage of an alternate
keyboard)) How? When tapping and holding the keyboard widget it could
display a list of available keyboards. The list could be generated by
scanning a folder for ".exe" or ".so" files (/usr/bin/keyboards ?). I
would prefer executables as they give more freedom regarding
toolkits/languages. The widget could just fork a new process that runs
the keyboard application, and kill it when it wants to close it. (Note:
a .so interface could help by providing the input area, but would put
restraints on the implementation. A tutorial would provide almost the
same level of help but won't force you to open the input area in that
particular way)

I haven't dug deep into the inner working of the FSO keyboard system,
so this may already be implemented. (Haven't touched my pen/stroke
recognition keyboard after discovering that it only worked under
2007.2, kind of depressing that the hardest part was creating the input
area, and now it was broken again...)

In case you were wondering my keyboard is registered on the Openmoko
project site (look for the "strokerecog" project)

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