Openmoko newbie dev questions

Dan danstowell+moko at
Thu Sep 11 00:00:12 CEST 2008

Hi -

I have just set up linux (xubuntu 8.04) on an old laptop. I'm an
openmoko newbie, hopefully you can help me with a couple of questions:

* I have followed Andreas Dalsgaard's tutorial [1] and the steps
1-to-5 seem to have worked fine, no complaints. However I don't have
an openmoko unit, I want to test the application on the laptop. I have
installed xoo and xephyr (from repository), and I think I have built
the calculator app (although there was no "bin" folder produced by
make; not sure where the binary is). So two questions, I suppose:
What's the quickest way to run the calculator app to check if I've
been successful?
How do I run the calculator app under xoo/xephyr?

* Another question: Do I need to worry about the difference between
2007 and 2008 (or other) versions of OM? The tutorial seems to use

Thanks for any tips -


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