[ Software Testing Report : 2008.09.12 ]

Wendy wendy_hung at openmoko.com
Fri Sep 12 13:11:34 CEST 2008


since our Om2008.8 release one month already passed. In this time we worked on 
fixing bugs and made our product more stable.
We summarized all the important bugs in "Milestone Om2008.9", and we think  
when the bugfix rate of this Milestone gets over 70% the QA team will 
consider Om2008.9 stable enough to release. (Hope we can make it in 
Check our roadmap for more details: 

For getting this goal done, QA will start Full Testing next week to make sure 
we don't have more regression and smoothly working image. 

The summary of the closed and new bugs is following:

#1944: [Location] The tag saved at wrong place while moving
#1704: [QT-Callscreen] Button are disappeared and Only shows Dialing number if
Device get incoming a call when make a Outgoing call(before other side
answer the call)
#1836: [settings] can't close "Setting" immediately
#1496: Messages:  change "Back" button into "Searching" in search screen

#1991: [Suspend] unable to suspend, just stay black screen after wake up by 
power button from suspend
#1987: [Qt-Contact] conact name will have limit letters when export from phone 
to SIM
#1984: [Qt-Contact] edit contact (from SIM card) screen will overlop other 
#1977: [Location] delete tag in Location but the Tag SMS will be empty text 
and can't be delete
#1978: [Location] Tag will shows "New" even already Opened once. (or "Today" 
even yesterday's tags)
#1979: [Location] Deleted Tags will appear in the tag list.(specific phone)
#1980: [Location] the tag list is jumping too serious when you scroll it
#1981: [Location] red spot sparkling by around location not exactly where we 
#1982: [Location] the last line of tag will only show up half

We might need somebody take a look into this:
#1964: [ti calypso] Sometimes TI Calypso fails to dial out and is not 

Engineers, thanks for taking care of our bugs - just want to let you guys know 
that even small bugfixes are also important for us.
Please take care of the bugs assigned to you, change it to accepted 
so that we know you already are looking into it.

Wish you a nice weekend, be careful during the coming typhoon in Taipei ;)


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