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Ben Hagen akvo at
Fri Sep 12 17:46:22 CEST 2008

Am 1. September 2008 12:30 schrieb Antonio MUñoz <chico480 at>:
> Hello people, thanks a lot for all your work. I have developed an small
> alarm clock application, maybe you could find this application insteresting,
> is able to to set, cancel, sound the alarm, snooze function and wake up the
> device from suspend. This simple alarm clock use RTC and ioctl to program
> the alarm, it has two modules alarm and ring that have to be installed.
> To stop the alarm you have to press the clock that appear at the screen.
> I still have some problems in the develop, using dev/rtc, like the access to
> turning on and cancel the alarm, and with evas because of this I use 2
> modules. Anyway I'm working on it, I will be glad to receive any idea o
> suggestions. During this day I will add the source code (I'm now commenting
> it), and an small documentation about this small project.
> Thanks a lot.
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Wake me up neo ;)

The alarm clock just survived my real-world test. Precisely 8:30 the
alarm rang but i did not fell like getting up so i hit the snooze
button. Some minutes later my neo insisted and i got up. hurray :) ..
ok so far so good.

Some quick notes (tested on fso milestone 3):
- there is no .desktop file for the alarm. i had to run it from the terminal
- the alarm works even if the neo is powered off. well kind of ;) it
powers the device on. but it wont ring
- some times i got alsa errors. device or resource busy
- alarm has to be running for it to ring
- it could be easier to set up.
- for me it could be harder to shut off the alarm.. maybe some kind of
puzzle? has to be something that the neo can be sure i am awake

Anyway i know this is pre-alpha software so things will be much better
some time soon.
Thanks and keep up the good work

Ben / C7

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