Openmoko Bug #2009: [battery] The battery stops with charching, if it's fully charched.

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Tue Sep 16 13:53:19 CEST 2008

#2009: [battery] The battery stops with charching, if it's fully charched.
 Reporter:  dolfje   |          Owner:  openmoko-devel
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 I have noticed it after the updates from 2 days ago (om 2008.8). I plug my
 Neo FreeRunner on the wall charger at night. It starts to charge. When
 it's fully charged, it stops with charging and starts using the battery.
 So if I check my phones battery in the morning, I see the battery icon
 stands on 3 of the 4 blocks.

 Step to reproduce:
 - put your FreeRunner at the wall charger (delivered with the FreeRunner).
 You may choose to suspend or not. I tested once while it never suspends
 and once while I had manually suspended it.
 - wait for the morning
 - look at the battery icon

 Expected result:
 - the FreeRunner is fully charched

 Actual result:
 - the FreeRunner is only 3/4 charged.

 Distro: 2008.8 updates (Updated 2 days ago)

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