Capacitive touchscreen for future versions?

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Tue Sep 16 17:00:37 CEST 2008

On Mon, 15 Sep 2008 19:03:00 +0200, Simon Kagstrom
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> After playing with the freerunner for a month now, hardware-wise there
> is only one thing which I *really* wish it had: A capacitive touchscreen
> (like the apple iphone). I dislike having to carry around a stylus and
> find pressing the screen to use finger input difficult. Maybe I'm just
> clumsy, but I had no problems using the iphone for input.
> So I'd hereby like to add this to my wishlist for future Openmokos: A
> capacitive touchscreen. Would this be in the (secret?) plans for future
> devices? After all, isn't it basically just a transparent touchpad?

The problem with capacitive touch screens is that you're bound to use a
finger with it, so that you can't use a stylus (or even a fingernail) for
precision input. The touch screen of iPhone is fine for scrolling and
pinch-zooming, but I find it harder to type on the screen keyboard when
you have to press your finger against letters, covering them in the
process, especially if you have large fingers. This also means that
precise selection a map, drawing, and handwriting recognition are out.

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