Capacitive touchscreen for future versions?

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Tue Sep 16 18:31:39 CEST 2008

On Tue, 16 Sep 2008 18:16:05 +0200, Simon Kagstrom  
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> Anyway, my main point is this: 90% of the time I'm using my phone I'd
> like to use plain finger input. I carry my fingers around all the
> time. :-)

Sure, and I have fingernails on me all the time. They can be used for  
precision input, too, with pressure-sensitive screens.

> There are "Iphone styluses" by the way, so I don't think precision
> drawing need to be such a big problem on a capacitive
> freerunner:

Having to use an expensive special stylus is a disadvantage compared to  
being able to use just about any pointy thing, including a fingernail.

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