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Wed Sep 17 10:26:17 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| For example, the pkgconfig that comes with the toolchain is in fact
| pkgconfig-sdk.  Following this pattern, it seems we need edje-sdk for
| i686 and x86_64.

I think Julian made great progress here, this is a tricky one though if
a package has a host executable footprint.

Another way to come at it is to not address it inside OE.  For example,
I only really want RPM packages installed on this box for actual host
purposes, not an additional hidden system over the special target opkg
stuff that only exists down its root path.

In this scenario, someone needs to provide the SPEC so the host parts of
edje can be built as a Fedora / SuSE / Mandrake package, so it links
against right libraries, etc.  "One size fits all" host executable
package might not really pan out unless it was all static, tree might
not allow static build, etc.

Just mentioning this angle and sending some thanks to Julian for moving
this on.

- -Andy
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