Weekly Engineering News 37/2008

Harald Welte laforge at openmoko.org
Thu Sep 18 13:57:19 CEST 2008

On Wed, Sep 17, 2008 at 01:37:11PM -0400, Jason wrote:
> Specifically, I'm referring to the AR6001 in the GTA02.  The main reason
> I was excited about the GTA02 coming out was the prospect of a phone
> with an Atheros chipset.  Every Atheros chipset I ever worked with in
> linux had monitor mode and injection with at most a single patch.  I was
> really looking forward to using the GTA02 as a wifi auditing tool.

This is a common misconception.  Atheros behaves _completely_ different with
regard to their AR5k and AR9k variants (full softmac, and now fully open source
drivers, no firmware)  and the mobile AR6k chipset.  It's a different product
line with a different target audience, and Atheros apparently is under the
misconception that mobile users need to get Atheros' fullmac firmware down
their throat, with only very crappy not-mainline-mergeable linux drivers,
no hardware documentation and actually not even wanting to allow users to flash
a new firmware image into the flash.

It's really sad....
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