[Full test of Om2008.9]

Wendy wendy_hung at openmoko.com
Fri Sep 19 13:23:17 CEST 2008


this week is the full test week, in this link you can see our full test 
reports and full test cases : http://people.openmoko.org/openmoko/testing/
[Launcher / Installer / Dialer / Messages / Suspend&Resume]

The image that I used to test is:
Kernel  20080903-asu.stable-uImage.bin 
Root file system   20080915-asu.stable-rootfs.jffs2 
Which is eventual release candidate for Om2008.9.

Here is a short summary of some remaining known issues:

- Out going call can not really disconnect by "End Call" if the other one did 
not pick up the call.
[2008.9] You can use this device as a phone now, this problem already been 

- Some of the testing phone can not make phone calls but can receive/send 
SMS??? (With alert message"no network")
[2008.9]also been fixed

- qpe crashed all the time in one of our testing phone.
[2008.9]now we don't have qpe crashed all the time, but we'll still keep trac 
on this.

- Two of our phone can not wake up from suspend time.
[2008.9]this bug has been mortified as suspend/resume problems- #1991, #1789, 

- WiFi can not work (show up "unknown" all the time) 
[2008.9] please check bug #1888, show up unknown already been fixed.

 - Can't take GSM signal right away after on the device
[2008.9] not perfect, but it's much better!

 - [#1661] Unable to send saved tags by entering number (Locations)
[2008.9] Fixed!

 - [#1635]  After x hours the call active will become unstable. Can't receive 
or make a phone call normally.
[2008.9] mortified as modem problem, please check #1964

Please feel free to give us question or suggestion.
Thanks for reading!


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