Openmoko Bug #2019: Headphone Jack Event

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Sat Sep 20 23:08:50 CEST 2008

#2019: Headphone Jack Event
    Reporter:  Zoup     |        Owner:  openmoko-devel
        Type:  defect   |       Status:  new           
    Priority:  normal   |    Milestone:                
   Component:  unknown  |      Version:  Om2008.8      
    Severity:  normal   |   Resolution:                
    Keywords:           |    Blockedby:                
Reproducible:  always   |     Blocking:                

Comment(by werner):

 By the way, if you build "gpio" from
 and copy it your Neo, then
 # ./gpio f4
 should show F0 if the plug is not inserted, and F1 if it is.

 If it always shows F0, something is keeping the jack contact from
 opening or there is some genuine hardware defect. If you see something
 different from F0 or F1, then this would suggest a software problem.

 Looking at the hardware, the side of R4406 facing the board center
 should always be at about 3.3V. The side of R4406 facing the jack and
 the board edge should change between 3.3V (plug inserted) and near 0V
 (plug not inserted).

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