QEMU and SD Card

Andreas Willich andreas_willich at gmx.at
Sun Sep 21 16:53:31 CEST 2008

Hi all

After some days of compiling and trying I got a working and booting
2008.8 image for QEMU.  

But I am not able to mount the virtual sd card to get more free space. I
start qemu with make run-qemu from the MokoMakefile where the -sd
parameter is already added. When I want to mount the sd card there is no
mmcblk0p1 under /dev.

When I check info block in the qemu monitor I saw that the
openmoko-sd.image file is attached to the sd0 device. But there is also
nothing like sd under /dev.

Any ideas how to get this work or other solutions to increase the image?


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