ssh via WiFi AND USB

Alexander Lehner lehner at
Sun Sep 21 22:57:59 CEST 2008

After upgrading to 2008.8 image, I found out that ssh into the FreeRunner 
over WiFi was not possible any longer, even though FR had a valid WiFi 

Reason was, that /etc/default/dropbear seems to have changed, and only 
allows access via USB.

This of course makes sense regarding security issues (empty root passwd 
access) but costed me some patience to find out what went wrong.

Solution was to change /etc/default/dropbear from

DROPBEAR_PORT=`ip addr list usb0 | awk 'BEGIN { FS="[ /]+" } /inet ...



For experienced users, ssh over WiFi makes sense, so why forbid it?

Is there already any doc/mailing about this that I didn't see, should I 
make a Wiki entry about this?


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