Rod Whitby rod at
Mon Sep 22 06:04:35 CEST 2008

Fredrik Wendt wrote:
> lör 2008-09-20 klockan 13:55 +0200 skrev Michael 'Mickey' Lauer:
>> Please see the readme on the frontpage of for 
>> more information (e.g. which sources make up these images).
> The timestamps on the images produced varies a lot:
> 19-Sep-2008 23:39
> 20-Sep-2008 23:48
> 21-Sep-2008 09:51
> Does this mean that several builds are performed in a single day,
> overwriting each other?

As stated on, yes.

> If so, do you want us to also report the
> "timestamps" when filing bugs (or is the date of the image (the image's
> file name)) enough?

For most bugs the date would be sufficient, but feel free to report
both.  It will usually come down to the version of a specific package
(which is unique) rather than the image date, to determine when a bug is

-- Rod

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