ssh via WiFi AND USB

Al Johnson openmoko at
Mon Sep 22 12:20:52 CEST 2008

On Monday 22 September 2008, Marco Trevisan (Treviño) wrote:
> Alexander Lehner wrote:
> > Solution was to change /etc/default/dropbear from
> >
> > DROPBEAR_PORT=`ip addr list usb0 | awk 'BEGIN { FS="[ /]+" } /inet ...
> >
> > into:
> >
> >
> > For experienced users, ssh over WiFi makes sense, so why forbid it?
> >
> > Is there already any doc/mailing about this that I didn't see, should I
> > make a Wiki entry about this?
> Well, I think that the OM solution is good, btw according to the
> dropebear man (and code), it should be possible to put more than a
> port/ip to the "allowed list".
> That's why I've tried to add as
> This should allow the ssh server to listen on these two IP:port
> combinations (the first one if for USB and the 2nd is the one I use with
> wifi at home) but it doesn't work (i.e. after that I've no permissions
> both via usb and via wifi).
> Any idea?

Just a wild guess, but is it having problems trying to listen on an interface 
that doesn't exist at the time it is started?

You could always leave it listening on port 22 for all interfaces, but do the 
limiting in iptables. Depending on what's handlint the interfaces (connman?) 
you may be able to load and unload rules at interface up and down depending 
on the IP it is assigned, or the accesspoint it is using.

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