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2008/9/23 Andy Green <andy at>:
> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> | Hi, I want to know some information about "glamo files".
> |
> | I want to draw directly a RGB image on the OM screen. Some code like
> |
> | do the same task but with a YUV image.

That code takes a rectangle in YUV space and writes it somewhere else
in the same framebuffer converted to RGB space, optionally scalling
it.  Do you mean you want something that only copies/scales RGB
rectangles without conversion?
Dodji Seketeli's Xglamo does that, see particularly GLAMOCopy() in

>> I can't find a way to implement
> | that I wish. I have seeked in the glamo-regs.h but I don't really find
> | my happiness. So I want to know if the regs are all listed in the
> | glamo-regs.h?

It was written by Harald, it has all the memory map known to Openmoko
Inc. by means of documentation.

> I forward this to Andrzej, he did the mplayer stuff and is familiar with
> this part of Glamo; maybe he can help you.

CCed the list so it's searchable (second try).

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