Openmoko Bug #2030: Cannot connect to WEP network

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Tue Sep 23 21:02:32 CEST 2008

#2030: Cannot connect to WEP network
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 Using FDOM, ASU 2008.8 and ASU 2008.9, it is impossible to join my home
 and work WEP enabled network using the "Settings" application.

 It could have something to do with the fact that when typing the key in
 using the QWERTY keyboard, it appears that more characters are being
 echoed than are actually being typed.  The first character of each string
 seems to echo an extra time (once for when it is pressed, then once when
 it is accepted as it were).  So if the key is 1234, I would see *****.
 That is one too many characters.  However this could be completely

 I can connect to the same network when I turn WEP off.  But at work, there
 is no possibility.  It'd be nice to be untethered and have fast internet.

 If you need anything more from me on this, let me know.

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