OpenMoko Freerunner hybrid with La Fonera

M. Peterson petersonmaxx at
Sat Sep 6 23:49:22 CEST 2008


here an idea for free:

Make Openmoko Freerunner in a special edition hybrid with La Fonera from, so integrate an access point.

That means, in any hotel, in which any openoko user is, we can use this
mobile phone as an wlan hotspot. Mobil hotspots with openmoko.

As fon is based on a community, all users with data flatrates could dedicate
The other way would be to have the Mobile Providers like vodafone or
t-mobile asked to develop such hardware, which makes any phone to be useable
as a hotspot, so a backwards sending from hotspotuser to Freerunner, then
switching to HDSPA over mobile phone provider.

Any huwai DSL surf stick by mobial air connection could be integrated into
any Freerunner and then work as well as a hotspot for other users in the
near of a Freerunner...

That just needs a cooperation between fon or t-mobile/vodafone and
freerunner to developa hardware, which is a hotspot for other users over
second wlan line.. switched to hdspa..

What do you think?
Regards Max
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