No "today" in om2008.8

Esben Damgaard ebbe at
Tue Sep 9 20:26:55 CEST 2008

tir, 09 09 2008 kl. 14:02 +0200, skrev Holger Freyther:
> So far we don't install a todo and calendar application by default. This gap 
> might be filled with the framework (FSO) work so we can have _one_ way to 
> access these kind of storage.

Makes great sense.

> So instead of forcing people to use Qtopia PIM apps and provide a today screen 
> for Qtopia I think it is wise to wait for the FSO to provide PIM access and 
> hope that Qtopia, the o-hand stuff, GPE, ... will be able to use it. (replace 
> Qtopia, with whatever you would not like to use...)

Also makes sense, but what should happen when FSO is done? Will there be
a today screen that uses that? Or will it simply be a "userspace" "today
application" that could be run?

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