How to issue AT-Commands?

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Hi Soeren,

Here is the way,
Below is the function which executes our AT Commands 

 lgsm_passthrough (lgsmh, command_buf, rbuf, &rlen);

and the declaration for same function is you get in

 #include <libgsmd/libgsmd.h>

This is in gsm module.

and for more information please go through
our code base. That is available in

Still any issue's let me know I work on it already so
I had some idea's


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Hi list,

I am confused. Some time ago i used libgsmd-tool to issue AT-Commands
directly to the GSM Modem. Now it seems the qtopia phone library is used
for that part. Since (HS)CSD is not covered by that library, I either
need to either extend that library or issue AT-Commands myself.

According to the documentation for that library there is no function to
issue AT-Commands directly.

How can I communicate directly to the Modem without disturbing other

Best regards,
  Soeren Heisrath

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