[GTA02 - Qtopia 4.3.3] The Bouncy Rubber Calypso fix from mwester

Mike (mwester) mwester at dls.net
Sun Sep 28 16:53:21 CEST 2008

Yorick Moko wrote:
> Hi,
> After flashing the latest qtopia on my GTA02 the GMS keeps
> reregistering. Mwester pointed me to http://moko.mwester.net/brc.html
> .
> As asked on that page i'm posting my logread.

Thanks!  You definitely are suffering from that problem, but your log is
very interesting in that the problem seems to come and go -- clearly at
some point before that log the calypso actually "stuck" to a cell site
and stopped the registering/deregistering behavior for quite a while
(10,224 seconds, or a little under 3 hours), until finally resuming its
bouncy behavior.

> One of the downsides of installing this was that I lost the ability to
> "draw" the letters I want to type (one of the three input methods is
> just gone). I also can't find the terminal anywhere.

I don't have this in my image either; if this is functionality that was
introduced in the most recent Qtopia version the problem is likely that
we don't have the source code for that update to Qtopia. :(

I could also be that I'm missing some options to the build, I suppose...
 but the point is to gather debug data, not necessarily to provide a
functional software image (this is not a patch or a fix; this version is
just to gather more data).

Thanks again!

Mike (mwester)

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