[GTA02 - Qtopia 4.3.3] The Bouncy Rubber Calypso fix from mwester

Jim Morris ml at e4net.com
Sun Sep 28 20:42:42 CEST 2008

Mike (mwester) wrote:.
>> One of the downsides of installing this was that I lost the ability to
>> "draw" the letters I want to type (one of the three input methods is
>> just gone). I also can't find the terminal anywhere.
> I don't have this in my image either; if this is functionality that was
> introduced in the most recent Qtopia version the problem is likely that
> we don't have the source code for that update to Qtopia. :(

The problem is the open source code to Qtopia does not include several things that the official 
builds do.

Handwriting recognition, qterminal, and gsm on/off are the ones I noticed initially. There may be 
several other things missing from the open source version too.

Lorn pointed me to where the source for qterminal was meant to be, but I couldn't find it. I just 
copied the binary from the official tar to my build.

Here is what Lorn said about qterminal source...

 > it is available in the unofficial git source
 > git clone git://git.asheesh.org/qtopia_snapshot.git
 > It should be available at qtopia.net as a package source downlaod as well.
 >> I already checked out that git and it is not in there either.

 > It is in babelo 's tree.

Jim Morris, http://blog.wolfman.com

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