ANN: MS 5.5 - SMS woes

Kero van Gelder kero at
Sat Aug 1 15:47:36 CEST 2009

> The team is proud to release milestone 5.5 codenamed
> 'In Transit...'.

yay, for my Neo1973:
 - battery applet shows sensible values (though not normalized: 25-50 instead of 1-100)
 - on every boot, asks for PIN
 - suspends works nice and fast
 - battery lasts about 8 hours in suspend

 - incoming SMS does not trigger a thing for my debitel UMTS SIM,
   even though it works for Telfort (non-UMTS?) SIM.

12:56 < mickeyl> moko11 gsm firmware?
12:56 < Kero> yes
13:26 < DocScrutinizer> Kero: was reception of sms during suspend state?
13:44 < Kero> DocScrutinizer: no, was not in suspend. I'm confusing it with dark screen in idle mode, sorry.
13:55 < DocScrutinizer> Kero: make sure there's free storage space for sms on both sims
13:56 < Kero> less than 10 on both sides.

Debitel log when receiving SMS (well, very soon after sending it; confirmed after reboot that the SMS was on the SIM, unread)
2009.08.01 13:44:39.377        DEBUG    <UnsolicitedResponseChannel via /dev/pts/1>: got 14 bytes: '\r\n%CPRI: 1,2\r\n'
2009.08.01 13:44:47.20        DEBUG    <UnsolicitedResponseChannel via /dev/pts/1>: got 20 bytes: '\r\n%CSQ:  20, 99, 2\r\n'
specifically, no CMTI found.

Telfort log when receiving SMS
2009.08.01 14:19:05.518        DEBUG    <UnsolicitedResponseChannel via /dev/pts/3>: got 14 bytes: '\r\n%CPRI: 1,2\r\n'
2009.08.01 14:19:07.312        DEBUG    <UnsolicitedResponseChannel via /dev/pts/3>: got 17 bytes: '\r\n+CMTI: "SM",3\r\n'
after which notification to user (playing of wav-file) ensues.
Telfort SIM also wakes Neo up from suspend when an SMS is received.

makes me think it's firmware; what else could help to figure this out?

NB: The Debitel SIM will cease working Aug 18.
Both are using the same network. The Telfort SIM is roaming (for now, I hope).


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