Non full screen window with elementary

Lev M lvmtime at
Sun Aug 9 17:58:30 CEST 2009

Thank you for the quick reply!
I will use this as a second option, but I would still like to try for a
small centered window with no title bar.
I am not insisting on using Elementary, so if there is another option I
would be glad to hear about it.

I would go look at the code of the app that is triggered by the power
button, but I am ashamed to say I could not figure out what it is exactly.
Can anyone give me a hint where to look?

Best regards,

Sebastian Krzyszkowiak wrote:
> On 8/9/09, Lev M <lvmtime at> wrote:
>> Hello everyone!
>> I am trying to make my first GUI app for the Freerunner.
>> The app is suppose to be a wrapper for xrandr that will allow screen
>> rotation.
>> I am currently running SHR unstable and wanted to use Elementary to get
>> a nice GUI with no extra dependencies to install.
>> But I can't figure out how to create a non full screen window. I want a
>> window like the one you get when you press the power button that lets
>> you pick between shutdown, suspend etc.
>> I've tried this:
>>     evas_object_resize(main_win, 10, 10);
>>     evas_object_move(main_win, 50, 50);
>> but it seems to have no effect. I also tried different window types
>> (basic, splash, util) but no difference.
>> Any advice will be appreciated.
>> Best regards,
>> Lev.
> With Illume you can only get dialog window, maximalized horizontally
> (but not verticaly). To do it, set window type as DIALOG (1).

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