GPS NMEA sentences over serial port

RANJAN infibit at
Thu Aug 13 10:02:08 CEST 2009

First, please do not cross-post. Choose an appropriate ML and post there.
> Second, your question is so unclear that i can not understand what you want
> to
> hear. Especially given i already suggested you something. I doubt someone
> else
> can understand that too.

Well right now I want to read the NMEA sentences of GPS over the serial port
(wanted to have a wireless link for my robot),so I thought first I would try
using bluetooth.But I could not get it working because of the lack of a
proper beginner's tutorial.

> Also, i'm yet to hear any feedback about bluetooth networking from you. I
> prepared bluez networking instructions basically after your request and yet
> all you seem to have done is tried to compile blueman though it's not the
> point of the instructions.

Well I could not figure bluez4 to work with ubuntu because I could not get a
proper step by step tutorial.

If I figure things out then I will write a tutorial.(Last time I got help
from Nicola.Mfb and Marc.Verwefet and they were patient enough to explain
things to me.)

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