GPS NMEA sentences over serial port

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Thu Aug 13 10:13:01 CEST 2009

RANJAN <infibit at> writes:
>     First, please do not cross-post. Choose an appropriate ML and post there.
>     Second, your question is so unclear that i can not understand what you want to
>     hear. Especially given i already suggested you something. I doubt someone else
>     can understand that too.
> Well right now I want to read the NMEA sentences of GPS over the
> serial port (wanted to have a wireless link for my robot)

This exact sentence lack enough details to be not understandable. What
GPS receiver are you talking about? The one inside the FR? It is
already connected via the serial port to the SoC, you can not change
that without hardware hacking. And it supports both NMEA and u-blox
protocols btw. And what is the problem with accessing it? fso-gpsd
uses a well-established interface and is usind ogpsd to gather the
data (ogpsd connects to the serial and does u-blox communication with
the receiver). Etc...

>     Also, i'm yet to hear any feedback about bluetooth networking from you. I
>     prepared bluez networking instructions basically after your request and yet
>     all you seem to have done is tried to compile blueman though it's not the
>     point of the instructions.
> Well I could not figure bluez4 to work with ubuntu because I could
> not get a proper step by step tutorial.

I already provided that on the wiki!

# 2.7.1 Information about bluez4 networking
    * How to use bluez4 dbus API
    * Bluetooth networking concepts
    * Pairing
    * Trust
    * Connection establishing

> If I figure things out then I will write a tutorial.(Last time I got
> help from Nicola.Mfb and Marc.Verwefet and they were patient enough
> to explain things to me.)

Hehe, otoh it was me who got bluez4 networking working, not them ;)

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