GPS NMEA sentences over serial port

RANJAN infibit at
Thu Aug 13 10:24:45 CEST 2009

>This exact sentence lack enough details to be not understandable. What
> >GPS receiver are you talking about? The one inside the FR? It is
> >already connected via the serial port to the SoC, you can not change
> >that without hardware hacking. And it supports both NMEA and u-blox
> >protocols btw. And what is the problem with accessing it? fso-gpsd
> >uses a well-established interface and is usind ogpsd to gather the
> >data (ogpsd connects to the serial and does u-blox communication with
> >the receiver). Etc...

Yes I was talking about the GPS in FR.

I was able to do serial communication using python code and a USB to serial

What I am asking is, can I get the NMEA sentences from the GPS on FR via a
USB to Serial converter connected to the FR's USB port and the other end to
the laptop? (should I run a python code on FR to do this?)

Please tell me how to do this?

Thanks and Regards
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