GPS NMEA sentences over serial port

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> Hehe, going circles.
>> You want to connect the FR to laptop using a USB-serial converter,
>> ok. FR doesn't have a serial port so it implies you'll connect the
>> converter to FR via USB and to laptop via RS232 (because it's the only
>> common serial standard used on laptops except for USB but you imply
>> it's not usb, so it must be RS232). That's exactly the diagram i asked
>> you about and you said i misunderstood you...
> Yep,now since we have the hardware diagram right.So coming to software part
> doea FSOgpsd provide an NMEA output?I have used pyserial for serial
> communication (works great),so using pyserial ,I have not tried socat
> though.And I think I need to use two USB to serial converter (one for the
> laptop and one for the FR) and have the both the USB to serial converters
> paired up.
> Sriranjan
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