Getting Neo1973 running again.

Kero van Gelder kero at
Sun Aug 16 15:56:46 CEST 2009

ditto, after FSO milestone 5.5 showed a lot of promise,
I tried a slightly less demo-ish distro, had to use SHR.

> Thank you very much Lev, your and Paul's replies help me to get my
> Neo1973 running again.
> Currently my Neo1973 is running:
> kernel: uImage-om-gta01-latest.bin (I believe to be
> uImage-2.6.29-oe10+gitr119838+2d158aae9d8d36f575504f59884ed8e80802efe2-r3.5-om-gta01.bin
> )
> rootfs: shr-lite-glibc-ipk--20090808-om-gta01.rootfs.jffs2

I use it on SD. (i.e. .tar.gz)
Seems stable.

> and
> u-boot: 1.3.1 see below.

not sure I have that. Otherwise same setup as you.

> Currently I am having problem with GSM. The first time started SHR it
> work and I was able to make outgoing and receive incoming calls. After I
> power-off the device and power it back on the GSM was not connecting to
> the AT&T any more. I power-off the phone, pull the battery out and hold
> [power] button for 10s. Then I put the battery back in, power-on the
> phone and GSM worked again until I try to suspend the device. Now I
> remember some discussions about this problem and if my memory is not
> playing trick on me I believe there is update for the GSM firmware, but
> I am having problem locating the instructions on the wiki. So my
> question to everyone am I correct or I need to look some where else to
> get my GSM working correctly?

known indeed. In this mode, will wake your Neo from suspend every minute
or so, too. nasty. attached script obviates reboot, it's based on the
wiki page about flashing GSM firmware and may be a bit overkill.
I do have the nasty red light in the back of my head: 2.6.24 *does*
work after warm reboot, with SHR 20090808.

speaking of GSM firmware: you want to use moko11, especially if your
SIM also supports UMTS. Of course, if incoming calls and SMS keep working
for you, there's no need to upgrade.

GPRS works, but may or may not leave the gsm or framework (not sure which, yet)
in an unusable state. attached script also helps with this ;)

After installing gllin 1.1, GPS works beautifully, just launching tangogps
will start chip, gllin, etc. In Settings, you can watch the satellite 
details and see the #fixe grow.

ffalarms (new in 20090808, compared to previously-stable 20090703) works
fine. NB: does not work with 2.6.24 kernel from FSO5.5

audio works fine (and sounds great for the size of the Neo1973 ! )

bluetooth seems to be working; haven't actually used it except for
hcitool scan, which works.

I have WSOD after too long time in suspend (read: overnight), looks like
I found a fix (one that reduces standby time, though), but with kernels
likely to upgrade to .30 or .31 soon, that may never reach .29 in SHR.
Also, I'll be looking into other fixes.

Tuesday my contract switches. My old SIM has a problem with incoming
SMS, the new one doesn't. From Tue on, I'm going to use Neo1973 as main
phone. It took a few years, but there it is ;)


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