Management of Power Management ;)

Svetoslav Trochev sal_electronics at
Wed Aug 19 23:16:07 CEST 2009

Hi Everybody,

Last weekend, I res erected my Neo1973, my current configuration is
U-boot, Kernel 2.6.29 (shr) and SHR lite on NAND [1].
First think I decide to test is how long the phone will last in stand-by
mode. And I have to say I am not impressed at all.
1. First test was the default SHR settings ('suspend' disabled) and my
phone died in less then 6h later. (I was in sleep so I don't know how
exactly long run time was)
2. I re-enable the 'suspend' and it lasted less then 10h. I was waking
the phone every time I received phone call on my other phone, but I have
not made a single call.
3. Then I had usual hard time recharging the battery using the USB
power. It looks like that the recharge current is turn down to 100mA
every time phone goes in to suspend. From those 100mA some goes to the
GSM module that stays active and probably on 50mA goes to recharge the
battery. Disabling 'suspend' and charging the phone that way did not
improved the situation very much.

I am sure that everyone here knows that current software don't provide
best power management, but I was wondering if there is coordinated
effort to fix that?
I suspect that work needs to be done on all level of the software:
U-boot, Kernel, FSO and finally on all distributions. So I would like to
call everyone who has some knowledge, experience, or/and interest to
start coordinated effort to address the power management of the Neo
phones. Personally I have downloaded the Neo1973 schematics and start
analyzing them. The Philips PCF50606 power management controller looks
good on paper and we should be able to match other smart phones in
stand-by/talk time.

Thank you,

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