Management of Power Management ;)

Paul Fertser fercerpav at
Thu Aug 20 00:28:28 CEST 2009

Svetoslav Trochev <sal_electronics at> writes:
> I am sure that everyone here knows that current software don't provide
> best power management, but I was wondering if there is coordinated
> effort to fix that?

We tried to coordinate some effort at #openmoko irc channel. The guys
who have the device and abilities are: Psi, Kero and
SpeedEvil. Unfortunately, they lack time to do any serious

I'm getting a gta01 soon so i very much hope i'll be able to do
something wrt power consumption (the main goal of getting a gta01 for
me). The plan is so far to physically cut (by removing 0Rs) most
consumers and analise step by step all kernel and hardware problems.

Do not hold your breath though.

BTW, for a start you can fix SD power control issues (due to a bad
merge the function got fubarred), if you run with SD inserted you'll
have extra ~20mA feeding card even in suspend.
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