Management of Power Management ;)

Svetoslav Trochev sal_electronics at
Sat Aug 22 04:17:12 CEST 2009

Paul Fertser wrote:
> BTW, for a start you can fix SD power control issues (due to a bad
> merge the function got fubarred), if you run with SD inserted you'll
> have extra ~20mA feeding card even in suspend.

Today I have build my self a current probe for my Neo1973 and did some
measurements. Here are my results
1. Bootloader (splash screen): 0.30-0.32A
2. Kernel loads: 0.22-0.28A
3. SHR loaded and GSM registered to the network: 0.26A and 0.28A if I
have uSD card inserted.
4. SHR with LED backlight off: 0.18A and 0.19-0.20A with uSD
5. SHR suspend, GSM on: 0.08A
6. Neo1973 shutdown from SHR power menu: 0.03A (BAD. I thing the GSM is
still on)

The max charging current I measured is 0.32A with 50% discharged battery
and SHR in suspend mode.
The charge current after I disconnected the battery for 20s is as
expected 0.10A. One problem I notice is that u-boot 1.3.1 will power on
the phone as soon the battery voltage rises. So if you have dippy
discharged battery the boot might fail and device will hang and draw
residual current and it will drain the battery even dipper. I believe
the old u-boot never powered on the phone automatically.

So I can only confirm the 20mA extra current drawn by the uSD card while
the SHR is not in suspend. I am wondering how I can start working on
this problems. I will need some help setting up my development
environment. Currently I am running Ubuntu 8.04LTS.

Best regards,

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