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Sun Aug 23 19:39:21 CEST 2009

Svetoslav Trochev <sal_electronics at> writes:
> In addition the 0.03A drawn by the GSM is kinda high. We have a 1200mAh
> battery if the phone stays in stand-by all the time it will run out of
> power in 40h. My old Palm can last much longer in stand-by in
> comparison. I am wondering if we can make the GSM to draw less power
> while the GSM is on and registered?!

GSM unit is the same in gta01 and gta02. And it draws about 15mA on
average when the system is suspended. So that's doable.

>> BTW, _never_ever_ take out the battery from gta01 running on USB power. It
>> will destroy it for sure if you don't pull of the cord immediately.
> Opps. I think I have done this many times! I hope I have not burn
> something already! What part of the phone will be damaged in this
> case?

> Also I have found out there is small backup battery connected to the
> pcf50606, because I kept my phone for very long time with no power it
> most likely is drained completely. What would be the symptoms for this
> problem? I suspect that backup battery preserves some kind of RTC and
> the state of the pcf50606.

Yes, intended to be used to keep RTC. It doesn't looks like it works
for long enough anyway even in new gta02's which are regularly
charged. :)

>>> this problems. I will need some help setting up my development
>>> environment. Currently I am running Ubuntu 8.04LTS.
>> For kernel hacking all you need is compiler, git and text editor. So, i'd
>> recommend to install emdebian (i think ubuntu is compatible with it), with
>> the help of emdebian install the toolchain, then git clone the sources from
>> and start hacking
> If I am understanding everything correctly so far, I should use the
> kernel described here:

I'm not sure but i suppose that until mainline .31 is out (due to be
in a month's time) you should use andy-tracking HEAD for all the

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